A needs analysis model

MASH accepts all concerns regarding children and vulnerable adults from both professionals and the general public.

A fire walled environment ensuring  the confidence and trust to share information and intelligence both confidential and non confidential when it is relevant and proportionate to do so. Total partnership picture for decision making.

Information security and governance concerns addressed. Data Protection Act 1998 compliance.

MASH contributes to improved outcomes for children and vulnerable adults by ensuring swift collation and sharing of information across agencies to support multi agency risk assessments.

MASH identifies need, harm and risk as early as possible.

MASH is:
  • Co-location of all safeguarding agencies and their data into a secure assessment, research and decision-making unit.
  • A consent based model working within the law.
  • A seamless pathway to all services including the early help offer.
  • MASH is a locally designed model.
MASH is not:
  • A name for joint investigation teams.
  • Simply to deal with cases reaching statutory threshold.
  • A talking shop.
  • The answer to poor professional practice.
  • A stand alone model from the rest of children services provision.