Multi-agency Safeguarding in a Public Protection World

A handbook for protecting children and vulnerable adults


This practical book boldly addresses the absolute need to work together to safeguard and protect our children and vulnerable adults; one of the most important contemporary issues for everyone working in the Public Protection services today. It sets out to demystify and translate the processes and guidelines of the multi-agency protection services, in order to create a streamlined and co-ordinated approach to safeguarding.

The book presents tell-tale signs, measures of interventions, risk assessments, best practice for multi‑agency working, successful law enforcement and a positive and enthusiastic view of the future of multi‑agency working across protections services, dedicated to the key areas of safeguarding:

  • Safeguarding children
  • Complex child safeguarding
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • Sexual violence
  • Internet safeguarding
  • Multi-agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)
  • Safeguarding risk assessments
  • Information sharing, intelligence-led safeguarding and MASH
  • Channel: Safeguarding individuals vulnerable to radicalisation.

With a foreword by Lord Laming, who chaired the public enquiry into Victoria Climbie’s death, this book is of relevance to anyone who is working in the interests of children and vulnerable adults, frontline or senior management.